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Mileage on my 2005 Elise (now turbocharged) is 14,700 and the car has been in service for over 4 years and 3 months, nearly 3 years of that turbocharged.

My turbo car has always tended to, once in a while, throw an 030X (the codes are 0300, 0301, 0302, 0303 or 0304) for misfire, and I know it is real, as the car tends to idle not-so-well. I figured it was due to the large intake tube into which the air flow sensor is placed and the loss of the air vane, and I still think this has an adverse effect on the low-load MAF signal. But I digress.

Being a sucker for internet doom and gloom, I read with dismay the thread on P1301/1302 misfires (much more significant than 030X misfires) and was worried that my more recent and frequent 030X codes might signal cam problems.

The optimist in me bought new Iridium plugs.

Optmism won out.

Pulled the cam cover and plugs and the cams looked beautiful. Some lobes looked barely broken in, but all were polished to a high luster and the oil was a light amber.

Plugs all looked OK, actually, just ordinary light tan color and no signs of detonation or missign electrodes. Gaps all looked fine (I gap at .027" due to the turbo tending to blow out the spark under boost).

With new plugs the car idles better than it ever did with the turbo and damn near stock.

Just thought I'd share that it seems new plugs really do make a difference and even a visual check of plugs may not tell the whole story on their condition and effectiveness. A plug change change takes maybe 20 minutes, and that is if you take your time to re-check gaps and carefully apply anti-seize and then clean up.
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