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Minnesota / western Wisconsin Lotus folk,

Next Saturday, Aug 29th, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Car Show & Charity Fund Raiser
Sponsored by Minnesota Triumphs / Open to All

Triumph Trans-AmeriCan Charity Drive 2009
"A Brit driving across America and Canada for Charity"

Hennepin Square, 2021 East Hennepin Ave
(East Hennepin & Taft -- Yahoo! Maps, Driving Directions, and Traffic)

Come to the charity car show, see some nice cars (bring yours!), talk with some nice people, and write a tax deductible check. It will be a pleasant way to spend a Saturday, and to do some good. Cars are things, but car clubs are about people. This is a MnTrumphs sponsored, all-Marques car show, but it’s about people, and we can all support that.

Many young Americans are returning from duty in Afghanistan and Iraq suffering from PSTD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) only to find there's not a lot of help for them. John McCartney's wandering drive across North America, his stop in the Twin Cities, and the Minnesota Triumph Club's car show are fund raisers to support PSTD research and treatment. It's a good cause.

John McCartney is a Brit who lives with PSTD, and he's made it his personal goal to help raise awareness of the crippling but treatable impact of PTSD. He's chosen to come to North America for his driving adventure, and the greater Triumph community has collectively restored a vintage Triumph Stag for him to use. Good on them.

The Web Sites
Triumph Trans-AmeriCan Charity Drive 2009 <<< check this
PTSD and Dissociation Resources for Survivors, Supporters and Professionals <<< USA charity benefitting
Minnesota Triumphs Sports Car Club <<< Minnesota hosts
Local contact: Phil Ethier
[email protected] (MnTriumphs & LOON)

The InterMarque (think of it as a local club of car clubs) has a regular Saturday Breakfast at the Square Peg Diner (8:00 AM), adjacent to the same parking lot where the car show will be. The Peg normally closes early on Saturday, but will remain open on the 29th to support the car show. Food and drink will be close at hand.

Come early for breakfast and stay for the car show.

Square Peg Diner - Square Peg Diner - Minneapolis MN
Click "Menu" in the left margin

Driving Directions:
Yahoo! Maps, Driving Directions, and Traffic YahooMaps
The Hennepin Square Ofc Bldg and it's parking lot are on the NE corner of East Hennepin & Taft St NE... two blocks east of Stinson. Hennepin is an east-west street at that point, and the building is about halfway between I-35W and Hwy 280 on the north side of the street.

Exit I-35W at Hennepin, just north of the new I-35W bridge and go east.

Exit Hwy 280 at the Hennepin/Larpenteur, next exit north of Como, and go west. HOWEVER...

NOTE that Hwy 280 and the Hennepin/Larpenteur exit are under construction and the exit is closed... follow the detour signs and expect that route to be more of an adventure. Como Av runs east-west parallel to Hennepin and a couple of blocks south. I-35W would be the better option, but if you choose Hwy 280, then I suggest exiting at Como Ave, go west to SE 29th Ave (north-south street), jog north to Hennepin, and then continue west to Hennepin Square on your right.

Ya'll come.
This is a good thing.

Tim Engel
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