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More On Exhaust Problems

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I have been watching threads with interest about mufflers on our cars coming off the cat-pipe and the resulting fires!

When I put my 2bular exhaust on last year they supplied a much heavier clamp than stock. I expected no problems with this clamp. However, to be safe I added a “tell-tale” to my exhaust next to the muffler inlet. You can see in the photo I installed a light weight stainless steel clamp around the cat-pipe so I can quickly tell if there has been any movement by the muffler. As you can clearly see I have more than a quarter inch of movement. While this is not enough to be dangerous – it is something I will pay attention to.

I am posting this so you can add this “tell-tale” to your car if you are so inclined and to note that all of us should consider one of the Super-Duper –Extra-Special-Heavy-Duty clamps others have recommended. Apparently, over-kill in this area is NOT possible.


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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