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As fate would have it, one of my lowbeams went out shortly after opening this thread; decided to pull the trigger on these headlights and give them a go.

A couple notes on installation:
  1. 07+ headlight assemblies are H7 lowbeam and highbeam (NOT H1!). You can see this molded into the clear headlight cover if you look closely next to each bulb.
  2. The standard dust covers don't fit over the back end of the LEDs. You can pick up universal dust covers and mcgyver them on if you feel comfortable, just make sure to create a seal around them.
  3. The "prongs" that hold in the bulb are a royal PITA to get on, but they will fit! I found it easiest to remove the full headlight assy to have enough space to do this.
  4. As I saw in another thread, BUY SOME DAMN WELL NUTS! I could've saved myself a lot of heartache removing the wheel well liners if these had been replaced.
  5. I completed this without removing wheels or jacking the car.
Lights are much brighter than stock and, as you'd expect, retain the projector's crisp cutoff. I'll post pictures of throw soon.
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