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Most Ever Users Online- Lets Break the the record

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Now that there are over 1000 members, lets see how many are actually active on the forum.

I think the record is 109 on-line at the same time back in February.

Lets all log in and be on-line Sunday the 18th at 9PM EST
(next Sunday is Easter, so people might not be home)
and see if we can break the record.

You dont have to post, you just have to be on-line and logged in.

In case you have saved in favorites the page, you can see the results at

Randy, if this will crash your server, let us know and we wont do it.
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NMRJock said:
I'm sure that the number will spike when the first few customer cars get delivered...
Maybe it will increase for a while, but then we will all get our cars and not have anything to talk about since we will know the delivery dates, the difference between saffron and lighting yellow, LSS vs standard and all of the stuff we have been debating for the last year. I guess we will be talking about aftermarket accessories, etc a year from now.
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