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Motorweek Review

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I watch Motorweek this morning to see the Elise review and saw..................... pretty much what I expected. As we all know, they really don't get negitive about any car but a couple of things made this definitely worth the 7 minutes. First, you can hear the exhaust note very clearly at several different points in the show. The final sound is wonderful. Second, final ride of the touring car was deemed "as good as a commuter car". This, at least for me was good to hear since I will be driving mine daily. Third, unlike some pics floating on another thread here, the sill peice seems to be the same color as the dash on the productin units (this is more of a answer to a question than anything else). They did not put the car through their typical testing as this was obviously tacked on to the Press drive in March. All numbers were quoted from Lotus and things like braking were not addressed at all.

Overall, nice to watch and worthwhile if not noteworthy for any new information.
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What times/dates is it on again?



Mondays, 9:30pm, 1:30am
Tuesdays 8am
Wednesdays 3pm

All times Eastern
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