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Muffler contacting rear panel

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Anyone else had the problem of the muffler contacting the rear panel behind the license plate? There's a worn spot on the panel's inside and a shiny spot on my muffler where they clearly make contact.

It should be noted that I have no heat shield (exhaust wrap) and I've got the Larini Sport and decat. I had an earlier problem with a support weld breaking and welded it back on. It didn't change the angle or anything but when I'm idling it'll just kind of chirp and knock against that panel. If I place my hand on it, it stops. If I flutter the gas, it stops. It's only the vibration of idle after about 3-4 seconds that it starts to chatter.

Any clues as to what my options are? Could it be worn motor mounts allowing too much vibration? I'm not sure if there's anything I can stick between the two like foil tape or something that could stop it from rattling.
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You can use the thermal "padding", but inevitably it's going to get worn through. That textured aluminum on the license bracket is pretty rough. I went through the same thing.

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that's just to go around a pipe though - it's the muffler (Larini SC Sport) contacting the inside of the license bracket
Do you have pictures of the exhaust fitment and how close it is? I’m not overly familiar with my exhaust just yet to know where the hanger points are but on past cars of mine it is usually one of these that will lead to contact issues from warn rubber or misalignment.
Are you running a naked setup with a rear panel eliminator or stock OEM rear panel with grills?

You can re-drill into your diffuser and scoot the panel backwards a little bit. The panel itself has some play, so you wouldn't need to re-drill into the trunk underbody. Maybe your exhaust is loose at the clamp, which allowed it to tilt downward and the muffler can is hitting the panel.
stock rear panel. I'm going to look this weekend and see if I can't "twist" some of the pipes a bit and then retighten them. Maybe I can twist them to be more at an angle instead of parallel to the ground and thus the exhaust system wouldn't be as "long" from motor to rear and would give me an inch or two of clearance between the muffler and rear panel

I'll post a pic on Monday if I'm unsuccessful
How you tighten the clamp between the CAT U-Tube and the muffler determines the position of your muffler.
Try to loosen that clamp, rotate the muffler into a position that gives you a better clearance and then retighten the clamp.
Put a GoPro on your Engine, drive around and get on it. Watch how much it moves and there is your problem.

I stuck one on the bonnet looking thru the screen and on the coil cover. Was amazed at the amount it was moving fore and aft.
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