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Greetings all,

I'm leaning towards a set of Mulsanne C seats with 6 point harnersses, etc. I'd like to try them before I buy 'em. Is anyone running these in their Elise / Exige in the SF Bay Area or the Denver Metro area? I'd like to sit in them if at all possible.

I'm 6'2", 185 lbs., 32" inseam (yes, I have a long torso), 33" waist. I fit pretty well in the stock seats, but I want more bolstering and the ability to run 6 point harnesses. I have the driver's seat two notches forward from the rear, so I have enough legroom. I would like an inch, or more, of additional headroom. Anyone know if the Mulsanne Cs afford more headroom?

I like the idea of the seats being lighter, but I am bit concerned that they'd be too slippery in the gloss finish. Thoughts?

I live in Boulder, CO and I travel to the SF Bay Area a lot, so let me know if you'd be amenable to letting me sit in your car. It would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,
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