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I bought a three button switch panel to add a fog light switch, and I wanted all the switches to match, but I didn't want to pay $70 for a Lotus fog light switch. I was doing a lot of searching to find switches I liked and discovered some RGB LED switches on Amazon. I thought it be nice to have them light up one color when the ignition was on and another color when the headlights/parking lights were on.

Making this happen was a bit harder than I initially thought, but I got it to work. I decided I wanted the switches to light up blue when the ignition was on and green when the selected lights were on. I also wanted the switches to still light up green when the ignition was off but the lights were on. This required two relays per switch: one to change from blue to green and one to turn the blue LEDs off when the ignition was off. Further complicating this was the switch light power provided by the factory wiring was 12v, but it didn't have enough amperage to activate a standard automotive relay. I had to get a "low signal" relay to do the blue/green switching.

Pics of how it turned out: 1) All off 2)Ignition off, headlights on 3)Ignition on, headlights off 4)Ignition on, headlights on 5)Ignition on, parking lights on, headlights off


Blue/Green selection relay:


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