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Hi folks,

I bought my car back in 2006 (off these forums) from the original owner. She came with Touring package, biscuit interior, hardtop and driving lights. Drove it seven years like that and loved every minute.

Last fall I blew the motor (oil line failure), and Lotus was nice enough to replace it with a new one. I figured "while I'm at it" why not make a few other mods, so what you see below is the results of those most recent efforts.

The car might be pushing ten years old, but it looks great, drives like nothing I've ever owned, and I really believe it'll be in my garage even when I'm too old and decrepit to drive it.

As of Oct, 2014 car has 30k miles (6k on the new motor) and I've added/upgraded:

ENGINE (et al.)
REV300 - 247 whp
Larini 'Track' Exhaust
Aluminum Radiator
S/S Brake Lines
S/S Caliper Pistons
EBC Slotted Rotors
Hawk HPS Pads (street)

Driving Lights
Euro-Exige 'Y' Spoke rims (black and silver - two sets)
Reverie 'Wide' CF Side Scoops
CF Front Splitter
CF Gas Cover
Craft Square Mirrors
Front Clam & Engine Cover Mesh
Tow Hook
Stripes & Stickers
Maryland Plate 'ELISE'

Custom Leather Tunnel w/ cupholder
Pioneer deck w/ Bluetooth & 8" Sub
Micro Mirror

The car isn't 'show quality', but what the hell - either am I. I still need to do the toe links and would probably upgrade the shocks if I found a good deal, but otherwise I'm very happy with the results. Most of the stuff on that list came from members of this board, so thank you all for that. For my purposes (driving around the farmland of Frederick County and 1-2 HPD events per year) the car is perfect.

Thanks for looking!


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