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Hey, guys....Just a shout for those who were complaining about the a/c. I know some are crap, and even the "good" ones can leave a bit to be desired, but today was hot, so I decided to see how mine was. Top on, windows up, 97 degrees outside. It didn't freeze me, but at all speeds, it did an adequate job of keeping me comfortable inside. I guess the performance of these units varies widely.

I also took the opportunity today to de-snorkel the car and put in the Green Filter. The de-snorkeling was super easy. Just one fastener to pop, and off it comes. The combo of that plus the Green Filter really make a good sound, and you can really hear the supercharger whine now. I know it probably doesn't make any measurable performance difference, but the sound is worth it.

I took some pics as a simple write up for those wanting to de-snorkel.....I know it is easy, but what the can never have too many pictures.

Green filter and De-Snorkel album | Eurocarpaul |
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