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I turned 40 years of age few minutes ago. Holy life has sucked for years yet time laughs at me and it passes by like a good!
I decided to get into the wedge and take my first drive. This is just after midnight. First time ever.
I realize that my timing belt ought to be changed but I thought Im turning ancient and perhaps God has remembered the good things I have done.

Now........holy moly.
The car handles like an AFX slot car.
It goes like stink.
The prior owner said that the car was almost as fast as his v8!
It is very very quick. I was shocked. I wasnt even giving it too hard.
I figure it is quicker than my AMG E 55.
The car felt great to drive on the dark neighborhood streets. Even my head against the headrest felt great. I didnt get past second gear but when the turbo kicked in,I felt I was being smacked in the head by my old man when I did something wrong as a kid. That means very dramatic.
The steering wheel even had a great feel to it.
Time to change T belt and tensioner..and check out vacuum pump.

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looks badass, congrats on turning 40. As long as your still able to shift gears and use the pedals, age is nothing but a number. I always loved esprit's and got to ride in a turbo 4cylinder when i was 16. I knew i had to have one after that, 12yrs later i made it happen. Many times I considered getting a 4 banger, having owning/owned turbo eclipses a 2L turbo can be quite lethal. I bet it's a blast. Glad your enjoying. Post up some pics.
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