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I want to throw this out there for future people that find themselves in the situation I was in with the questions I had.

After reading this forum and doing some independent research about battery maintainer/chargers, I landed on the CTEK 40-206 with the optional cig plug. I love this thing. It is as easy as plug it in and forget it. The CTEK itself comes with the charger, clamp pigtail, and eyelet pigtail. I hooked the eyelet pigtail to my truck which has the auto stop/start feature. When the battery drops to below 90%, this feature stops working so this is a great option for me. I decided not to put the eyelets on my Elise for a couple reasons: I didn't want to drape cables across the paint as I have read that this could dent the paint because of its softness. I also didn't want to accidentally lose power to the ECU as this would reset it and lose the VIN that's stored in there and fail Oregon's DEQ next time around because of a mismatched VIN requiring me to spend another $75 at the dealership getting the thing reflashed. ( ask me how I know about this [grumpy face emoticon]). So I got the optional cig plug for the Elise. Since the outlet has power when the car is off, this is a viable option. I also read somewhere that you may need to change out the euro plug for an American one to prevent these adapters from falling out. Not sure if the previous owner did that (which I don't think so), but the plug fits in nice and snug.

The cig plug has what they call a 'comfort indicator' which is a little stoplight that, when you first plug it in (without the charger plugged in too), will give you your battery's status. Mine was red, so this was just good timing. Once I provided power it started flashing green. I took that as a good sign. The charge cable, which is 6 ft long, then goes out the passenger side, half rolled-up window (no resting on paint), to the base unit that gets plugged into a nearby outlet with its 6 ft power cord - 12 ft of total reach (info I could not find until I got my hands on it).

In addition to the green on the stoplight, the lights on the base unit started lighting up. There's a 1 thru 8 sequence that is explained in detail in the manual. I checked in on it through the late afternoon as it went from 1 to 4. When I got up this morning it was at a 7. Checking the manual once again says that that's good. It is charged. I gather 8 is more of a maintenance/charge fell a bit mode.

Notable - I waited until black Friday/cyber Monday to see if the price would drop a bit. It didn't budge. In fact, the next model up (MUS 4.3) increased by 20 bucks.

TLDR; The CTEK MXS 5.0 is awesome. The cig plug works in the Elise
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