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and it's a good value! i cant think of anything else I could do with $300k!! ;-)

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Group Buy? As in we all pitch in and buy it?


The Worlds Only Lotus Sport Exige 300RR. Serious inquiries only
The Lotus Sports Exige 300RR was built for Lotus' parent company, Proton Cars. Based on the award winning aluminum bonded chassis of the production Elise,
the Exige 300RR was Intended to be Lotus' reentry into International level motorsports. The one of a kind Exige 300RR is powered by a 400BHP Swindon built
GM V6 derived from a DTM unit. Designed primarily around the Japanese Super GT regulations as well as various national level GT Championships, it's
configuration could be easily altered to suit various race series. The Exige 300RR also garnered quite a stellar competition history. It's the only car to win the
12hr Merdeka Millennium Endurance race back to back (2005 & 2006). In 2007, it won the HKS Time Attack challenge in Malaysia, against the all conquering HKS
CT230. The car even competed in individual FIA GT and Super GT events in 2005, making it the only race vehicle to have competed in both championships. The
car was retired from racing in 2008 by it owners, Proton Cars. This is a rare opportunity to own a modern classic that is bound to appreciate considerably over time.

Performance Data

    * Class: GT
    * Weight: 1580 lbs
    * Track: Sepang International Circuit 


    * Engine Builder: Swindon
    * Manufacturer: GM
    * Type: GM V6 DTM Spec
    * Displacement: 3000cc
    * Horsepower: 400BHP
    * Torque: 340NM
    * Induction: N/A
    * Crankshaft: Custom Forged
    * Camshaft: Custom Swindon
    * Clutch: AP Racing
    * Total Time: 04 hrs since rebuild 

Fuel System

    * Fuel Cell
    * Manufacturer: ATL
    * Capacity: 100LL
    * Fuel Pump: Electric
    * Fuel Type: Petrol 

Electrical System

    * Data Logger: Motec
    * Computer: Motec M8 


    * Manfacturer: Hewland
    * Type: Sequential 


    * Construction: Dry Carbon Fibre
    * Color: Red/White
    * Condition: Excellent
    * Comes with custom moulds 


    * Builder: Lotus
    * Material: Aluminium
    * Front Suspension: Custom Lotus Double Wishbone
    * Rear Suspension: Custom Lotus Double Wishbone
    * Shocks: Ohlins
    * Brakes: AP Racing
    * Tires: Yokohama 


    * Too much to list. Will include custom body moulds from Lotus

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While I LOVE this car and would give just about anything to drive it, you would definitely need some good lottery winnings to own it as it really does take a team of experts to maintain a car like that.

Still....has to be one of the baddest-a$$ cars around. :up:

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and it's a good value! i cant think of anything else I could do with $300k!! ;-)
Emmmmm.... No. Its 290.000 EUR ---> 450.000 USD thanks to to weak dollar.

Seriously, now I need a change of clothes. Otoh - this car would be wasted on me. I'm not on the limit of my exige yet.

Still drooling though

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Right Hand Drive. That would be darn hard to get used to. So, I guess I'll pass.

I was THIS close to buying....

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It's nice, but I'm waiting for this one to come on the market...

Or is it the same car? Nevermind. Similar. Not the same.

I'll take mine in black.


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