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So I thought it would be fun to share my Lotus certificate of Provenance. Looks like I have a pretty early car which I figured since I do not have the extra bolts in the diffuser and also have the "antenna" hole in the hatch lid. Also, it looks like my car originally had the hard top!-eek-. So feel free to return it back to me, rotfl. Also, looks like the original owner is from Fairfax, VA and bought the car in November 2004. It would be awesome if the original owner was still on the forum... :shrug:

Anyways, big thanks to Andy Graham!!! :clap::UK:
These documents are fascinating!

Dear Mr Matheson,
Thank you for your enquiry regarding your 2005 Lotus Elise. Please find enclosed your Certificate of
Provenance. These documents provide the detail from the original build record when the car left the
factory held against the VIN supplied only, they do not cover any changes made since leaving
production (except star shield applied in the US) and they do not verify the current condition.

The VIN number provided for your Lotus Elise was SCCPC11125HL30605 which can be broken
down into the manufacturer identifier code (SCC=UK manufacturer, Lotus Cars Ltd.), the engine type
(P=2ZZ normally aspirated), the restraint system (C=dual front air bags + 3 point seat belts), the
vehicle type number (111=Elise/Exige), the check digit (2), the model year (5=2005), the assembly
plant (H=Hethel, UK), the market specification (L=LHD for USA with A/C), the model (3=Elise) and
the serial number (0605). The serial number sequence is shared with all Lotus models worldwide.
The original engine number was 2ZZ 0148633 which can be broken down into the engine type
(2ZZ=2ZZ-GE 1.8 litre, 4 cylinder) and the engine serial number (0148633).

The original body colour was Chrome Orange metallic, Lotus paint code B25. The interior was
trimmed with black leather. Factory optional extras were; hard top, lifestyle paint and touring pack.
The car also had the distributor optional star shield applied at the port in the US. The car was signed
from production on the 24th September 2004. The car was imported into the USA by Lotus Cars
USA, Inc. who would retain any further history. Their records show the selling dealer was Criswell
Lotus in Gaithersburg, MD and the car was sold to a customer in Fairfax, VA in November 2004.

The Elise was launched into the US market at the start of the 2005 model year and continued until
the 2011 model year in the US. The following is based on serial number sequence and data available
to date for the 2005 model year Elise for the USA market only;
Your car is the 599th out of 3319 cars,
Your car is the 38th out of 303 cars in Chrome Orange,
Your car is the 33rd out of 245 cars in Chrome Orange with black leather trim,
Your car is the 6th out of 94 cars in Chrome Orange with black leather trim and the same factory
options, if we include the distributor optional star shield in the search this makes your car the 5th out
of 73 cars with the same options.
Chrome Orange was the 4th most popular colour out of the 16 colours used on the 2005 Elise for the

I hope you find this information of interest and you enjoy your Elise ownership.

Andy Graham
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Heh...might be me! I bought a used CO hardtop from Wirewheel last year :grin2:
Ok then, I can send you a pm with my address... :grin2:
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