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Hi All!
Remember the Steve Martin film, The Jerk? He ran around yelling, "The new phonebook's here...the new phonebook's here...I'M SOMEBODY!!!!!" LOL

Anyway, a few years back, my Lotus was featured in a really great book dedicated to Lotus Esprits. It is Lotus Esprit - Le Grande Tourisme a l'anglaise by Remy Solnon. The book is written in French, but is one of the nicest and most comprehensive books on the Lotus Esprit that I have ever seen.

One of my non-Lotus car buddies had asked me about it and so I took some pictures of the sections with my car in it the other day. Thought I'd share them here. :)

Truly a great book and I thought it was such an honor to be included. Now if only I could read French :)

'88 Commemorative Esprit Turbo, #87 of 88 made


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