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Hi Guys:
It is that sad time in which I've decided to part with it.
Local pickup preferred

Information posted here
Sorry, you're going to have to follow the forum rules, and you didn't even make it past the first rule. Please post a proper ad, per the rules. Thanks in advance.

1. No for sale threads with just a link to an eBay, Craigslist, or any other site ad. Take the time to actually make a decent for sale thread.

2. Pictures sell items/cars, please post pictures with for sale threads.

3. No "testing waters" threads, no "just wanting to see what I can get" threads, no "feeler" threads. Although it’s acceptable to list an item OBO, or post an item and ask for everyone's best offer.

4. Discussion following the normal rules of the forums welcomed, but no comments on price allowed unless the OP specifically asks for it. Otherwise, take it to PMs.

5. If market place rules are not followed when posting a for sale thread, it will get deleted.

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