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Hello all!

First, let me say thank you for being a strong forum that I have creeped for many of years! I have consistently ghosted over the past half-decade because I have been a fan of Lotus, but never saw one to be in my grasp. I have be fortunate to have a fun and demanding occupation, an approving wife and low debt that potentially may make my dreams a reality.

I initially fell in love with the Elise when I lived in Europe and was amazed and dumbfounded as to what I was staring at. I did my research and ever since I have and will always admire the heritage and endurance of the brand. That was some 15 years ago and the models since then have just teased me more and more.

I joined for the reason to hopefully learn and fellowship with local enthusiast. And maybe once I obtain my vehicle of choice, cruise with you as well. I initially fell for the Elise, but have come to want an Evora.

Again I hope to continue learn much from the forum, just this time no as a guest. Thank you for your time.


Location: Northern California
Looking for: Evora
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