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While idling away the time waiting for delivery, it's interesting to see how fast the cars are coming in. This helps give everyone an idea of how far down the list they might be.

Please post to this thread the highest-numbered VIN you have personally seen, if it's higher than the one posted before. It doesn't have to be your own car, but one you have laid eyes on.

In other words, post only, "I've seen a later car than that! It was number XXXXX" Secondhand reports, eBay listings, and other hokum are not permitted -- just VINs you know for certain to exist on US soil.

Use the last five digits of the VIN. If you feel, for some reason, that you don't want to be that specific, use an X for the last digit to leave something to the imagination.

Again, Elise VINs are of the form
Where the last four digits are the serial number. Lotus is thought to have shipped about 600 cars so far.

The highest number Elise I've seen is "30018", the Saffron Yellow car in the first Symbolic delivery, August 27. Seen newer?
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