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On August 19, NASA Midwest is proud to have our third Autocross event. I hope that all of you can join. If it's anything like the last event, you'll get a ton of runs.

Details and Pre-Registration: NASA Midwest - National Auto Sport Association

NASA-X Benefits

1/2 day events - our events are split up into a morning event and an afternoon event - each with 6 runs MINIMUM. That's as many as you get in a full day with other clubs. No promises, but I'm expecting you'll get A LOT more (dependent on turnout) - likely more than 10. We are capping the number of participants, starting early, and trying to be super efficient to give you as many runs as we can. You can choose to run morning, afternoon, or both. We thought that would help those who either have to work in the afternoon, like to sleep in, or just don't have the time to spend an entire day racing.

Opt out of your work session. - some days you just don't want to work. You'll have the option not to for $15.

Highly competitive classing - this is my favorite. It's similar to Forza. Basically you start off with a base class and all your mods are assigned a point value. After a certain number of points, you move up from your base class to a higher class. Sounds complicated at first, but it makes sense once you start going through the rules. The benefit of this is 1 small mod won't pit you against a fully prepped Corvette. You're free to mod as you like and end up in a class that suits your car.

Live Timing - Check your best times or see all your times LIVE from any web browser or at our display at the hospitality area.

Rental Car - Did your car take a crap and you don't want to race a rental Dodge Avenger from Hertz? Rent our 2005 Mazda RX8 for $10 a run! (Must be rented for an entire heat).

$5 OFF coupon code for your first event: NASA-KZ37FF53
Pre-Registered NASA Members - $30
Pre-Registered Non-Members - $40
On Site registration - $5 extra
Register for both sessions at an event and the second is only $25.

Join NASA for FREE! If you become a new NASA member with a referral card and attend a NASA Track day, your membership is refunded to you. The next NASA Track day is conveniently at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet on September 14 - 16. (Please note, you will have to drive the track day. Unfortunately, NASA-X attendance does not qualify for the refund at this time).

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I continue to have Site Envy.

Next time I'm on my way east for a Triumph convention, I'll rent your RX8. It it's a Lotus convention, I'll have a little something for you in the trailer.

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