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With some regret, I'm selling my nearly-new PerformanceBox GPS data logger unit...need cash to buy other gadgets, such as a much-needed stereo upgrade. :p

Used for one track day and just messing around.
Has original box, CD, and 512Mb SD card (good for 300+ hours of data recording).

Basically, with very little effort on your part, the unit will log GPS location info 10 times per second.
From that info, it tells you 0-60, 60-0, 50-100 (or whatever you set), 1/4 mile, lateral accel g's, accel g's, decel g's, wheel and flywheel horsepower (need to know weight of car to get accurate reading), lap times (once you've set virtual start and finish lines), split lap times, and more.

Much more accurate than a Gtech or anything else, PLUS you can download the data to review on your computer. You can overlay track maps and compare each lap you've made. You can check speed and lateral acceleration at any point in any lap. You can review what line you took with each lap thru each turn. Etc. etc.

Lots of info about the unit here:

Some here too:

I'm asking for the 'group buy' price of $440, and am including ground shipping (+$15 if you want it overnight). Ships from Northern California.

My handle on ebay is 'daveechen' and I'm an occasional poster at under 'mudpie'.
BUT, since you don't know who I am, and I don't know if you will get me the money, we can use Ebay if you wish.
If you let me know that you will buy it, I will post the unit for sale on ebay with a 'buy it now' right when you are ready to buy it.

Email if you have questions:


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