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Here is some theory; since the Lotus is a rear wheel drive car and the suspension moves (there is some play in the system…ever so slight, but enough), when power is applied, it drives the wheels forward…since they are attached at the inner side, the wheels will toe in under power (when all the play in the suspension system is taken up).

What happens to the car’s handling? Looking at only the rear wheels, since that was the original question, if you have a little bit of toe in, it increases the slip angle of the rear and promotes under steer. That is, in the transition from straight ahead into a turn, the rear wheels will steer in the back end, therefore promoting under seer in the transition. Remember power on and power off toe in, toe out…not even considering all the other dynamics that are happening at the same time. The next time your car is up on an alignment rack, put your hands at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions and lightly load the tires…now you can measure exactly how much that will be on the road.

So, if your car feels loose at the rear during the transition phase, add a little toe in. if you are getting too much under steer in the transition phase, reduce the toe in slightly. I consider if you have 0.04 degrees toe in, you have a lot.

For tire ware alone, when you hand load the tires forward (under power), the toe should be zero.

Under braking, is what happens when you are entering a corner, the wheels toe out…so if you have zero toe in at rest, you probably have toe out in that transition state and therefore a loose rear end…
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