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Need a Little Help with Speaker Problem

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First a question, then a funny story for all too enjoy which I will share in a separate post in a moment.

I'm driving a 2013 NA IPS with the Pioneer head unit. When I turn the car on, maybe 2 out of 10 times, I get a crackling noise from the Drivers Side Door Speaker. It continues for anywhere from 2-10 minutes before it usually goes away. The crackling exists whether the music is on or off and whether the head unit is on or off.

The problem is that I can't replicate the issue when I want so how do I get the dealer to fix the issue and is it safe to assume its a bad speaker or could it be something else (i.e. wiring, head unit, etc.)
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Loose ground? Something is loose. OR possible some cell phone/smart phone data sending interference coming into the speaker?
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