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Need a new front lip...with no license plate section...

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I've seen a few cars with one, but don't know where to source it. I don't really need an expensive CF version like the one from Sector111, just something that looks like OE, but without the license plate section.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :).
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I got one created out of a slightly damaged stock splitter.

By the time all was said and done it was only slightly cheaper than getting the Sector 111 CF one.
Suck. Dragon told me BSK makes one, but the shipping from Japan would be prohibitive. :(
My stock one is jacked up, maybe I'll just try to work with it.
Here's a thread about the Prototype Composites splitter:
Despite the thread title, it is available in fiberglass. See post #49 in the thread.
Mike's work is highly regarded.
Definitely contact Mike at Prototype Composites. He made a cf chin spoiler for me without the license plate box like Thomas' but with a smooth constant radius. I'd imagine its not as steep curb friendly, but I've been lucky so far. Link to post and pics below.

Constant radius chin spoiler
Wow, that thing is beautiful!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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