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Need Advice - Elise 190R vs US Elise

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Anyone with real life experience with the Elise Sport 190R -- I need some advice.

Have a US Elise on order list and have found a nice used Elise Sport 190. I plan 90% track use (I realize the limitation on registering the car for street use).

I believe the 190R may be arguably a better track car than the US version -- but have no experience with the car or engine - the high output Rover VHPD.

Also wonder what the value of the older 190 will be in the future?? Can see it both ways - up or down??

Any thoughts and advice appreciated???

Thanks - Jon
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meat said:
The new Elise will be a nice track car after some work is done - suspension and brakes mainly, but you will also have to add a roll bar, harnesses, fire system and other "track" items.
Do you guys all put in roll cages and plumbed in fire systems for track days? In the UK plenty of people just turn up with their car stock and get perfectly respectable performance. Its not like taking a 'normal' road car on the track and finding the brake fluid boils within 1 lap etc. It'll happily lap all day without any problems, although obviously better brake pads etc. will help.

Still I agree new dampers and pads definitely help make it 'nice' rather than 'ok'.
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