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Need Advice - Elise 190R vs US Elise

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Anyone with real life experience with the Elise Sport 190R -- I need some advice.

Have a US Elise on order list and have found a nice used Elise Sport 190. I plan 90% track use (I realize the limitation on registering the car for street use).

I believe the 190R may be arguably a better track car than the US version -- but have no experience with the car or engine - the high output Rover VHPD.

Also wonder what the value of the older 190 will be in the future?? Can see it both ways - up or down??

Any thoughts and advice appreciated???

Thanks - Jon
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I answered you in the other forum - basically I believe the 190s is a better track car due to it's equipment.

Because I can't insure it for the minor street use it wll get - I am going to wait. Probably will enjoy upgrading the US version -- it's just money!!

thanks again for the reply.

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