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need advice...

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ordering my elise in arctic silver-would the red leather interior look ok or shouild i stick with blk interior?
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The red interior looks fabulous. It does not look over-the-top because there is still plenty of aluminum and black trim to break it up. I say go for it. Have you seen the LA auto show pictures?
D. Bill,
The LA show car was silver and red, spectacular color combo, my friend ordered that combo. YOu won't be disappointed.

Look in the LA auto show thread Gotapex took a boatload of pics.

Agree with all above, Arctic Silver with Red Interior is very nice, and not over-the-top at all. That is how I'm ordering mine, as well.
my S2000 is silver on red and i love it. I'm ordering the elise in arctic on black because i don't want the touring pack and i think the black looks better with all the black accents on the car.

I agree the red interior looks great. Since I am going with saffron I went with black interior - but if I was going to get silver I would definitely go for the red interior.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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