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OK first let me say that its a little too early in my experience for a full blown data Aquisition system like Trackmate. Secondly I spent a small fortune this winter rebuilding two track cars for the NASA and Porsche club Racing season as well as a few DE's. So..... Any worthwhile experience and feedback on this unit from Gtech? For $300 it seems to do alot of interesting and meaningfull stuff and could be used easily in multiple cars. Could even be interesting in some other applications other than Road Racing. Appreciate your comments and experience. Jon in Delaware

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I looked into the G-Tech Pro, but for $300 I didn't think it was worth it.

I have a traqmate and thought it was overkill when I initially bought it. I believe it is the best thing I have purchased (not counting safety equipment) and has really helped me up my level of driving.

A gps data system allows you to look at specific points on a track map to determine brake points, corner entry and exit speeds, straight speeds, along with analyze different lines (total dist ect). I've been able to trade data files w/faster drivers recently too.

If you are concerned about cost there are some systems you can build yourself. My little bro built a GPS data system from a $50 ebay palm pilot, an external palm GPS antena and some shareware. I think it ended up around the $200 range. It does predictive laps, lap times, & sectors. No accelerometers though.

There are other less costly GPS based systems too...MaxQ Data is an option.

PM me, I can send you some traqmate data can download the software and see what all it will do (just don't make fun of how slow I am :)).

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Thanks you two. Checking out the Performance Box online and sent AJ an email. Please if you have more to add dont hesitate to give more feedback. These times require spending our dollars wisely!! Jon in Delaware
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