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Need Help - Code P2646 and fuel starve?

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I was autocrossing yesterday and let the fuel drop down to one sliver of a full bar! STUPID!

I kept doing runs until finally the MIL/CEL light came on and 2nd cam went away.

I filled up with gas and went home to read the code. There were two of them:

1) Some code for catalytic converter running below efficiency (forgot the number) and;
2) P2646 A Rocker Arm Actuator System Performance or Stuck Off

I cleared the codes and second cam was back and fine.

Autocrossed again today and the MIL/CEL came back. This time only P2646. Cleared it and did two more runs without incident. Drove home without codes.

Any ideas what could be the cause? Is P2646 a serious code. Sure sounds serious. Could fuel starve cause the code? Could fuel starvation have damaged the rocker arms?
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bump. anyone?
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