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Hello, my name is Joel Lipperini - many of you I'm sure know me. For those that don't, here's a quick bio.
- Race shop owner from Pennsylvania (Racelabz)
- 4 Time Road racing National Champion (3 SCCA / 1 NASA)
- Lotus enthusiast

I'm trying to locate a person within the Lotus community that has taken $350 of mine and not delivered on the goods I paid for. I paid this person for a rear Lotus Esprit bumper. The name I was given was Gene. He lives somewhere in New York I believe. He operated several different websites over the years.

You may have heard of him being known for making replacement fiberglass parts for the different generation of the Esprit. I also believe that he claimed to make fiberglass Porsche parts.

Websites still out there and posts I've found:
Lotus Esprit Parts USA
The Porsche Palace International

New Fiberglass Reproduction of rear valance | 1979 Lotus Esprit Car & Truck Part in Tuxedo Park NY | 2854129361 | Car Parts for Sale on Oodle Marketplace

Lotus Esprit Emporium - Résumé | Facebook

I have documentation from Paypal and numerous emails from this person claiming he was making the parts. However all communication has stopped and his emails are now being bounced.

Copy of his last email, "catching up on everybody's stuff i didnt take and new pics last week for you both,, will do in the next few days i will bring you up to speed visually both mold halfs should be ready to cast soon they will need to be sanded and prepped yet more to follow -
General Manager
International Sales, Repairs / Export
The Porsche Palace International

The number associated with the website and the ads I have found is 845-712-5120"

I would like to pay Gene a visit in person. :ST:
Please contact me with any information regarding this person.

Joel Lipperini
[email protected]

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We tried going the Paypal route...however this person is lucky or really good. I have a trail of emails confirming that he was making the part...but he conveniently kept dragging the sale out long enough that it went past the Paypal timeframe.

Paypal will only refund if done in a certain timeframe.
Their resolution center closed our case due to timeframe:
Nov 24, 2010
-$350.00 USD
May 9, 2011
Case Closed

He put us off long enough that Paypal said they could do nothing for us.


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No the dispute was not filed within 45 days.
"Gene" kept sending me emails saying he was working on it. He even went as far as sending me a photo of the bumper partially completed.

My guess is he knew exactly what he was doing and drug it out well after the 45 days he knew was Paypal's time limit.

"nothing really new to report, the weather here has been bad
last week i worked 2 days and this week maybe the same
they say another storm on saturday
its further then the last you seen,, ill remember my camera tomorrow and forward you last weeks pics
1/2 is completed

"farley and joe (you both are having the same bumper made)
do to the size of the GM style wrap around bumper of the S4
the mold will have to be made in 2 sections
this is a pic of the pass side taken a few days ago
red is tooling resins covered with a clear polyester for support and strength
when i get a chance this week i will take more pics
its now fiberglassed


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