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Need help. OEM Radio plugs

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Can someone take a couple shots of their stereo plugs? Mine were cut and I have aftermarket plugs that plug into the original CD player.. Everything fits, but the problem is that the colors of the wires are different.. I think I have them all figured out but one..

I have the Blaupunkt Venice Beach CD34 unit if that helps..
These are the plugs BLAUPUNKT BERMUDA MP35 WIRE HARNESS NEW SEALED BL-01 - eBay (item 400047164305 end time May-31-09 08:09:30 PDT)
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I looked at the service manual, apparently its the UK service manual because the wires a little off..
It's the same plug for a vw the vw plug is plug n play

I know you are trying to help, but I need pictures of the back side of the oem plugs... I have all that I need, but the knowledge of the proper place to connect one of the wires..
can anyone tell me where the red with orange wire connects? as well as the green with yellow wire... i have the rest figured out..

i know its in the plug A.. (the lowest one) but just need to know exactly where on the plug
well I believe the red with orange is the illumination (spelling?)

And the green and yellow is the phone mute? I dont know. I got all the speakers, ground, and power connected.. Just cant figure these out. It seems to be working as is, so I might just tape those wires off and call it a day. Cant justify wasting so much energy on this..
1 - 6 of 9 Posts
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