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Need help. OEM Radio plugs

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Can someone take a couple shots of their stereo plugs? Mine were cut and I have aftermarket plugs that plug into the original CD player.. Everything fits, but the problem is that the colors of the wires are different.. I think I have them all figured out but one..

I have the Blaupunkt Venice Beach CD34 unit if that helps..
These are the plugs BLAUPUNKT BERMUDA MP35 WIRE HARNESS NEW SEALED BL-01 - eBay (item 400047164305 end time May-31-09 08:09:30 PDT)
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Here you go.

BTW, it is the same as a VW and a number of others (primarily European, IIRC) - it's called a multiplug harness.


I'm assuming you are referring to the color codes on the car (not radio) side - I don't have those and I don't have an Elise anymore so I can't pull the radio and check. Have you determined power, switched 12V, and ground? If not, I'd suggest using a meter to do so. There's not much on that plug that would be used in the Elise but those leads.

I'd guess that the red/orange is probably a power lead. If it's hot when the car's off, it goes to pin 4 on the A plug. If it's hot only when the car's on, it goes to pin 7. If it's never hot, it's likely ground (pin 8); connect the meter to a known 12V source and the suspected ground wire to double check.

I'd suspect that if you don't already have ground hooked up that the green is ground. Repeat the steps I mentioned to narrow it down.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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