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Amethyst Gray is a unique color-it really changes hues dramatically depending on lighting. I like it but it is a personal item, like all the Lotus colors (which definitely influences pricing on individual cars heavily.)

Deal sounds quite good.

It wouldn't be time or cost effective, as the rear roll bar on 2+0 cars does not come with the seat belt attachment points the 2+2 car does. It is easier to make a 2+2 a 2+0, but the other way around is certainly possible with money, just not reasonable.

It can easily be changed, but the OE panels aren't cheap. It would be cheaper to haev an upholstery shop redo it for you (but you'll pay a premium for genuine leather) but remember that stripe of microsuede wraps onto the doors and also has two strips in the backseat/luggage area of the car as the line continues back.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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