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Need Help with HID

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Okay, i've completed searches on the forums/google and no luck. Ordered an HID kit and the instructions state simply enough to connect positive and negative terminals from the ballast harness to my 07 Exige S wiring. Trouble is the Exige wiring is both the same color. No black, no red. does anyone know how to differentiate without me buying a tester? If it helps the OEM bulb has a 2 prongs, one near the notch to seat it and another prong for the other connection. Help please. :(
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Tongue test always works for me. :)

In all seriousness, a voltmeter is like 10 bucks at radioshack and is very handy to have.
Who did you get the kit from? Why not ask them? The 2 sellers here on the forum are both very helpful.
A multimeter will serve you well a lot more times than just this once.
Thanks all. Got a multimeter and finished the install.
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