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I'm about ready to sack my current developer who has proven to be painfully slow because of a language barrier and want to understand my options.

I've got a website that is 99% there except for 3 things: It needs to process the credit card, it needs to send an e-mail to the customer and me, and it needs to look at a stock status flag and determine whether it should send a text formatted e-mail of the information to one place or two. All very simple things. All the info is in SQL and the website is calculating the order value, shipping, taxes, etc, all swimmingly. In fact, most of the code for the e-mail is there, although the formatting is garbage (it sends email now, but not very pretty). And, I must say the variables are labeled somewhat cryptically even though someone had the opportunity to be more verbose, but there aren't many of them so it isn't difficult to see what's going on.

PM me if interested and I can send you the link to check it out and we can discuss further. Thanks.
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