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Need help with rear suspension...

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Well, I bought the Rota Torque wheels from ForcedFed and the new Kumho XS tires. The diameter of the rear tires is more than factory size (235/45/R17). So, the drivers side rubs (somewhere) when taking a hard right hand turn. I can't make the passenger side rub at all. I have never had the car aligned so my first thought was the camber was different. But I noticed something else strange... the distance between the tire and the fender is a half inch less on the driver side than the passenger. Could the shock be busted on the driver side? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated....

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The alignment could be different side-side, many people have found the factory alignment to be less than perfect. Different camber could account for the tire-to-fender gap being different side-side. Also, check the bolts that hold the camber shims in place near the upper ball joints, a few people have had them loosen.
Body tolerance is such that the gaps could be different LH to RH sides and as Francis said, your alignment (camber) could be slightly different side to side.

Your rear tire is probably rubbing on the inside fender liner - if looking at the wheel, on the inside at about 11 o'clock - it's common to rub there even with stock wheels e.g. on track, so I guess it could rub on a RH corner on the street with 235/45 tires.

Careful, if you rub through, the handbrake cable (?) is right behind the fender liner and it would be easy to rub through the cable liner and cable - easy to push this cable out the way though. If the rubbing isn't serious, I'd just live with it.
OK, thanks for the info. I spent the weekend removing the shims from the front... and I set both rear wheels to 2.25 degrees neg camber. It did not help the rubbing. If I knew it was just rubbing on the inner liner, then I guess it would be fine... I'm just worried it could damage the clam...
If you take the wheel off you should see some scuff marks where it's rubbing?
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