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I bought a set of wheels for a decent price but am now worried they would be possibly a downgrade from the oem. I bought a set of Volk te37's for a good price from Darkside in a funky color, some will say overkill ,but I don't
The issue is the sizes and offset. My car is a 2008 s240 so I have to make sure they will work with the traction control , ABS, and TPMS.
Here's what I got.
Magnesium Blue
15x7 +35
16x7 +33
10.2/11.3 lb
I really need help with getting the proper size tires and get the most performance out of them. I have been told that I wont be able to run a 245 in the rear on a 7 inch wheel, I belive thats what all you are doing..
So can anyone point to the proper size tire and possible brand that will get me the most dry performance but will still be able to get me home if I get caught in a rain

Anyway it's late and I have been searching for hours, I'd love some help on this and if it's possible to run these without taking a performance hit . I might have to sell them if I cant figure this out. Thanks
Or if you could find me 2 mag blue 17 you will be my hero..

5,484 Posts is your friend.

Yokohama S-Drive
F: 205/55/15 / 21 lbs / 23.1 OD
R: 225/50/16 / 25 lbs / 24.8 OD

This set will add 12 lbs to your unsprung weight, which sucks, but they're not squirmy, wear well, and since they'll be slightly stretched, your turn-in will be excellent.
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