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Hi All.

looking for a few misc. factory screws and misc. interior and exterior items:

If anyone has a whole bunch of misc. hardware off a totaled car I need:

1) small screw at the exterior rear of the door sill
2) two screws that are at the lower front of the inside of the door on either side of the hole that is above and to the right of the door switch bump
3) one of the screws that attaches the spark plug wire cover
4) one screw that is just below the right side of the instrument panel cover, kind of above and to the right of the ignition switch
5) the screws that hold on the rear deck lid louvers.

Also need:

1) hardtop rear mounting hardware covers (looks like it should have one on each side, may they Velcro on as I see male Velcro on the hardtop?)
2) right (passenger) headlight cover
3) pass side front inner fender
4) the small metal bracket (and hardware) behind the front inner fender that is screws to.

Thanks in advance!

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