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need some advice on NEW EVORA thanks in advance

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hi folks. I had a lot of luck getting advice years ago about a Exige I sadly never purchased. But all is not lost!

Im in the DC area and very close to buying an Evora but i want to run these two options by you'll and get some input..

Since i want a automatic my choice is basically a new one , if i want some choice on color and options.

I have two dealers with two offers, a black 2013 and a carbon grey 2012 both new w all the same options (all of them), both w/ no miles. After such and such discounts and deals , both guys are coming with the exact same price: 67k.

My question / issue is with resale value and ease of finding a buyer, etc ,should i need to exit the situation in a year or more down the road.

1. is this price right?
2. for the same price, is it a significant advantage to gravitate towards the newer year model, even though its not my first pick in color (black '13)
3. OR since they are both new, and since i understand nothing changed from 12 to 13, should i get the grey 2012 b/c its my choice in color.

so question is will the year have a big impact on selling in a few years - all other factors being =? And is there any other reason to favor the '13 over '12 @ the same price?

I will ask for 3.5k off the 2012 ; but these guys i can tell are not planning to budge...

Thanks for any help!!

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I have a 2013 auto base in black. From what I could see, there is no real difference between the cars at all except for 13 having a battery access panel cutout in the trunk. They say the interiors have been upgraded, but I failed to see the difference between a 2011 and my 2013 side by side at the dealer.

Remember you can plastidip or wrap the car for $500-$2500 and do whatever you want to the color at any time (look up my thread on plastidipping my starlight Evora to matte clear black - I even did the wheels copper). Shouldn't really be the deciding factor anymore in 2014 unless you're really smitten with deep luxurious glossy paint, which I can also totally understand.
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