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Need some help/suggestions

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How can I say this. For years I have been your typical BMW driver. 328/325/M Coupe.... I thought the next would be the E46 M3. That was until I was introduced to the Elise. Now for the REAL problem. On the M3 I was willing to pay $2k to have BMW paint my car Estoril Blue. I still DROOL over that color. You think that there is anyway I could get Lotus to do that for me if I could provide them with the paint? ANY suggestions guys? I'm FrEaKiNg OuT! :confused: :rolleyes: "Thanks en avance.
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In the world of problems this is a really good one to have. Frankly, I doubt that they'd do it; small run, small company trying to make their presence known might work in your favor. However, that very same thing might be a double edged sword as well. BMW might have been willing to do that since that was a production color for them. IF Lotus agrees to it then that really is a great news for COM.
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