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I am getting some new bodywork for my F500 and need some ideas on adding a bit of vinyl. Attached are some photos of the new body work, but this is NOT my car. I am going to have mine painted Saffron Yellow to match my Elise, but I would like to do a bit of vinyl to dress it up a bit. It can't be overly complicated as I need to be able to duplicate it if a piece of body work gets damaged. The two intakes on either side of the main roll bar will not be there and will instead have a smooth transition into the body work. They were originally for cooling the CVT and the intake for the carbs on the old 500cc engine. I will have a intake for the radiator on the side of each side pod, most likely shaped like a large NACA duct. Also the exhaust will be coming out the right side of the car in front of the rear tire. I also run blacked out wheels versus the polished ones shown.

Land vehicle Vehicle Formula libre Open-wheel car Race car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Formula libre Open-wheel car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Formula libre Race car
Formula libre Yellow Vehicle Race car Wheel
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