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Never tracked, but thinking about it!

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I live in northwest Tennessee, with small towns the norm. Can anyone help me to locate the nearest track. West Tennessee, west Kentucky, southeast Missouri or northeast Arkansas would be a reasonable distance. Also, since I have never done anything like this, I assume a driving school would be helpful. Once again, are there any of these around within a reasonable distance?
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Attend an organized event put together by an established organization like PBOC, Chin, BMW, PCA, etc. You'll be paired with an expeienced instructor, and you'll share the track with other novice drivers- My experience has been all of these groups are serious about safety (some a bit more than others)- Heart of Dixie BMW is very classy; great bunch-

You're relatively close to some world-class tracks- A lot of LT people drive their cars a comparable distance to DE's-

You've got to do it! Having the ultimate track car, you're 95% there!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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