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New 2007 Elise 72D never titled

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we aquired this elise when we purchased the franchise in memphis and we need to make it go quick so all offers will be accepted. thank you

Heath Langston
Lotus of Memphis
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you can see pics at our web site and price is the highest reasonable offer we get on this car that the MSRP is 60, not to say that a resonable offer is anywhere close to MSRP

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I have seen this car, when I took my 72D in for service. It is as stated, NEW! I am not sure if it has even been out of the show room. Would be a nice ride for someone and would be close to #50 if not #50. They also have several other cars (Lotus) and are super nice people to deal with.

Good Luck Guys! Hope You Make a Sale!
Hello from Louisiana!
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