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New on the forum. Living in the Netherlands / Holland , southwest part of it.

My car started its life as an Opel Speedster or VXT220. But, since I've crashed it at Zandvoort circuit last year, slipery conditions, driving just over my limits.... :( I've rebuild it (most of the work done by professionals;) ) and the specs are:

Body and car exterior
Opel Speedster 2.0T chassis, subframe and engine
GT3 Carbon Fibre Exige wide-body, shortened chassis
Full roll cage
Composite front-splitter, CF reversed wing and aluminium diffuser
CF bottom panel parts
CF mirrors, Short areal antenna
Xenon head lights
Lightweight interior panels, no rear window
Alum bulkhead
Target weight < 865kg (CF doors and Lexan side-windows, in progress)

Engine and transmission: 405-bhp, 500Nm
High performance engine parts (bearings, push rods and pistons, compression rate lowered 8.5:1)
Rev limiter 7500 rpm
Upgraded crankshaft supports
Upgraded fuel injectors
Upgraded oil pump, Piston bottom cooling
Garrett GT2871 turbo, Apexi boost controller
Lightweight flywheel
Balance shafts removed
Generator mounts upgraded (weight reduction)
Paddle clutch
Limited Slip Differential
Apexi air filter
Pro-alloy Charge cooler
Pro-alloy radiator
Upgraded oil cooler
Modified exhaust 70mm, 200-cell cat, pre-cat removed
Water/Methanol injection (adjustable)
Flowed head, Natrium valves

Brakes and suspension:
Öhlins 2-way adjustable schoks
Upgraded wishbones
Adjustable anti roll-bar
Polyurethane busses
Centre lock wheels (Lotus sport 7Jx16, 8Jx17 / Team Dynamics 9Jx17)
Yokohama 048's 195/50R16 and 245/40R17
GT3 spec brakes + proportional limited bias valve
Steel braided brake lines

Other stuff:
Integrated fire extinguisher (cabin and engine)
Race battery, lightweight, safety disconnect switch
Carbon Fibre seats LM corse, 4-Point Harness
OMP Carbon fibre steering wheel
Airbag removed, seatbelt tensioners removed
52 litre fuel tank, upgraded fuel pump
Dash rev-counter up to 8000 rpm
Racelogic traction control with digital adjuster
Lambda sensor monitor
Rear view camera system
Driftbox lap timer
Stinger DSI
Video VBOX fitted
Extended options car alarm system

And the looks are:


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wow, just wow :clap:

that is awesome :drool::drool:

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Hi Manus,
Absolutely gorgeous car!! :drool:

I should wreck mine and rebuild it just like yours. :D

I get over to Holland about twice a year. Did Jan Van de Kooi (Van de Kooi Sportcars) help with any of the rebuilding work? I stopped at his showroom in Amsterdam in January and he couldn't have been nicer.

He showed me around the place, including the garage/prep area where they do rebuilds. Great inventory of cars in the showroom. He really knows Lotus cars.



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You win. I give up. How much cooler could that car be?
None cooler.


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I have to admit, whenever i'm on LT now i come by and look at the pictures of the car :D

its that awesome.

Moar pictures!!!

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...that's a very serious ecotec - 370 foot pounds!..any chance of seeing a torque curve?..

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Did Jan Van de Kooi (Van de Kooi Sportcars) help with any of the rebuilding work?
Jan didn't do this one but it could have been, he has done similar projects before. This car was re-build by Plans Motorsport in Dunsfold UK and the engine has been prepared by V-max in Germany.
The badges remained on the CF-body from the donor car, the UK 2006 GT3 Cadena team.

On a wet track in Belgium, there's absolutely no grip:
YouTube - 360 graden Spa

Trying to drive the right lines:
YouTube - Vrij rondje Spa
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