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New, and looking for an elise

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Hi Members of Lotus Talk,

My name is Charlie I have been a Cooper S owner for some time now and I'm looking to change to a lotus Elise now I have a shorter commute to work.

I have around 6-10k to spend and I am torn between what to get.

I have been reading this forum for some time now and I've been through most of the common posts and i'm looking forward to spending my Sundays working on something that went wrong over the week or some kind of rattle.

to date I've not yet been out in an Elise but I'm sure I wont be disappointed, maybe someone could take me for a spin if they are any ware near Wokingham/Reading? been lusting over one of these cars for many years and reached a ripe old age of 25 so I think its about time I sorted this out :D

I'm not sure weather to get an S1 or an S2, I'm thinking I could probably get a better looked after S1 but I do love the front end of the S2 shape, and the wife likes the shape of the S2.

So with the budget I have what would you choose? :rolleyes:

Hopefully your community is as good as the mini's :D
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Welcome to LotusTalk :wave: - great community here!

But most are in the US! SELOC Forums is the UK forum and is very active. Not up on the current market in the UK - a quick look on pistonheads and £10k isn't likely to get you an S2 but should get you a nice S1 :) (I'd go for a 111S or a 135 personally if you can find within the budget!)
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