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New Difflow Elise/Exige Three Element Diffuser $500 Shipped

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I bought this for my C5 project and it didn't occur to me to ask Difflow if I could order one with a few changes until after I purchased it. The loss I take on it is less than having it modified to what my new one came as. Shipped in original packaging. I would also like to say that customer service doesn't get better than Difflow.

Picture three is of a slight dent, barely noticeable and not noticeable when installed.


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In 2009, Lotus started changing the diffusers and undertrays around on some Exiges. Here's a picture of a Difflow 5 element RAILER and you'll see that they shortened the bodies and extended the undertrays.

We make the 2009+ style diffuser, so no worries. That's why we ask it on the website to be sure of what style people have :)


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