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I do not post much, mostly read and learn things. I track my car and race it when I can in the Lotus Cup. By no means am I any kind of expert. But, when I come across a person and or a product that I find impressive I will try to share my feedback if it is warranted.

I recently got my hands on a DMC header from Jim Dunford. A very nice piece I must say. Welding and fabrication is top notch as you can see in the photos below. These are a tuned header for the NA cars and I do believe the tuning is spot on. No check engine lights ever came on and the car runs amazing. I did also get his hi-flow cat since I live in California.

Did it help? Yes, I was able to move up into 4th gear at Sonoma Raceway between turns 4 and 6, I had not been able to do that in the past. She spins up quicker and the drive out of the corners is much more solid. When the cam comes on she hits smoother and firmer. Even on the street I noticed an improvement. It is easier to take off from stop signs and even on the freeway in 6th gear she will pull with ease up a hill where she used to just maintain.

Photos below:


Welding detail:


Closeup after 2 days on the track:

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