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Just like it says....

25 bux shipped for short sleeve

27 shipped for long sleeve

40 shipped for a sweatshirt

Colors available are similar to the exige seen below.

Car cars are Blue, Red, Orange, Grey, Green.....


1.Zwhitaker- Medium Grey/Red car with black graphic
2.Zygoetsoup- large black shirt/green car white graphic
3.Gump-XL White shirt with blue car black graphic
4.Streetthrowback- XL Green on Green with black graphic
5.Nick G- Medium Orange on Orange black graphic
6.Johnhanson1976- large white blue car black graphic PAID
7.Johnhanson1976- large white blue car black graphic PAID
8.Eagle10 - I'll take a XL Short Sleeve Orange Shirt, Orange Car & White Graphic (Elise Car) PAID
9.chris2pher - small white orange car black graphic PAID
10. Anand- Medium grey, grey car with black graphic
11. JinsokuBee- Medium black shirt/orange car white graphic PAID
12. Caseman- Size, black with orange car, white graphic
13. Caseman- Size, black long sleeve orange car, white graphic

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