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1987 Turbo Esprit HCI
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The acceptance email suggested I make a post here so I guess I will with some back story.

I recently got an '87 Esprit turbo that was originally glacier blue with tan interior.

From what I've been told, In 1989 my dad was the broker for the owner of Lotus Performance Cars Inc. This glacier blue turbo had been new on a lot for 2 years and my dad was offered quiet a deal on it. My dad's friend ended up picking it up, got it painted to a corvette blue over top of the original paint, and managed to blow the engine twice and the transmission twice in his 2 years of owner ship. In 1991 or 1992 my dad bought it right after a new clutch was put in, and who ever put it in forgot a clip, and it ruined the transmission. The transmission was rebuilt and is the same one in it to this day. It hasn't seen a whole lot of driving in the past 20 years, and I'm sure it's one that hasn't been accounted for anywhere. And with such low production numbers I figure someone somewhere has assumed it to have been wrecked. The z3 Mcoupe community has tried to account for all VINs, so it wouldn't surprise me if the esprit owners have too.

I've also go the original service manual printed in 92. The binder has the business card for RD Enterprises, Lotus parts specialists out of Quakertown PA. Kinda neat.

There are a few small things wrong with it, the most important right now being one of the fuel pumps.

That's about all there is to say about me.
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