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I can't say that I have done research, but my impression is that it is a poor business model and a worse scenario for members just from what I have heard.

Cost will be nearly 3 times that of CSM for membership and monthly dues, yet you will have 1/8th the track time on a single configuration track which is not only boring after a few days but uni directional.

CSM took nearly 5 years to get where it is now and started with a VERY inexpensive investment by members as they did not have much to offer other than a track. Not to mention that track is 3.5 miles long and can be run in 5+ different configurations and you get a minimum of 16 days PER MONTH on track!

Don't waste your money on this. Drive two hours further to CSM. For the cost of Club Willow you could have a garage AND membership at CSM.
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